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2. Type of Statement: <br />a <br />C X <br />Ef0 <br />a) a) <br />m <br />(.0 <br />>. o <br />a) co <br />C .0 <br />M y <br />7 a <br />0 CO <br />❑ ❑ <br />Preelection Statement <br />'Ea <br />C <br />N <br />P. <br />E yo <br />m <br />_m u) o <br />Torn <br />c LL <br />O co <br />c a• <br />E E <br />0❑❑ ❑ <br />Amendment (Explain below) <br />Statement covers period <br />09/24/2017 <br />E <br />10/21/2017 <br />L <br />co <br />2 <br />SEE INSTRUCTIONS ON REVERSE <br />1. Type of Recipient Committee: All Committees — Complete Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4. <br />d <br />N <br />a7 y <br />a1 o" <br />Ca) <br />r <br />[a ca !-' <br />m U E <br />0 <br />yl €U <br />LL a7 p N U. 13 a <br />E E ° �6 <br />0°OO a 0 O <br />a) <br />a)E <br />E 2 0 <br />U •E 0 <br />° z E <br />°o Q EU <br />::aa) E om <br />'OO W E <br />O p a) <br />m U 5.0 <br />c <br />ca <br />v_ d a <br />U c o v zc m <br />y CL <br />a)0—_a moo o <br />0 a) s _ c m <br />to a8aE o <br />vc)cc8a m cU)CnG <br />SOCA (ROOD <br />0 ❑ <br />Treasurer(s) <br />3. Committee Information <br />NAME OF TREASURER <br />COMMITTEE NAME (OR CANDIDATE'S NAME IF NO COMMITTEE) <br />PAMELA C MCVICAR <br />HIGGINS FOR COUNCIL 2017 <br />MAILING ADDRESS <br />2253 HILLSIDE CT <br />AREA CODE/PHONE <br />714-504-35415 <br />I- <br />U <br />LA HABRA HEIGHTS <br />NAME OF ASSISTANT TREASURER, IF ANY <br />AREA CODE/PHONE <br />562-305-9444 <br />O co <br />a p <br />N 0) <br />w Q <br />I -U <br />X <br />O <br />m <br />❑D <br />o W <br />zLa <br />w J <br />c J_ <br />❑ <br />M <br />m N ~ <br />CN <br />en <br />BRA HEIGHTS <br />MAILING ADDRESS <br />AREA CODE/PHONE <br />AREA CODE/PHONE <br />w <br />❑ <br />O <br />U <br />0 a <br />N <br />O <br />0 <br />W F <br />w � <br />c <br />a <br />0 <br />z <br />lJ <br />0 <br />L <br />U) <br />U) <br />w <br />GC <br />0 <br />z <br />U <br />OPTIONAL: FAX / E-MAIL ADDRESS <br />OPTIONAL. FAX / E-MAIL ADDRESS <br />Verificatioi <br />• <br />ai <br />m <br />E <br />0 <br />C <br />O <br />w <br />N <br />a) <br />a) <br />L <br />U <br />O <br />a) <br />UT <br />co <br />i0 <br />a) <br />C <br />C <br />co <br />C <br />a) <br />L <br />a) <br />C <br />CU <br />0 <br />U <br />C <br />.O <br />co <br />w <br />m <br />rn <br />N • <br />t <br />o <br />O <br />C U <br />E cco <br />O a) <br />a) <br />.Q y <br />a) 0) <br />O <br />O Of <br />C w <br />m � <br />E <br />m <br />a)L-. <br />co 0 <br />N O <br />Of ca <br />U <br />.§ <br />O-. <br />c <br />as w <br />c o <br />Ri <br />m � <br />a. (1) <br />CIU CD <br />U <br />C <br />c <br />a� o <br />9o. <br />0 0 <br />( <br />m 76 <br />c <br />m <br />m a <br />V CU <br />CD V <br />> C <br />.c ate) <br />_ U <br />10/24/2017 <br />Executed on <br />Executed on <br />Signature of Controlling Officeholder, Candidate, State Measure Proponent <br />Signature of Controlling Officeholder Candidate State Measure Proponent <br />m m <br />Executed on <br />d <br />0 <br />Executed on <br />0 <br />l0 N <br />.� N <br />O N <br />N <br />C <br />CO T• <br />v a) <br />u. <br />U u <br />u <br />O. <br />LL 0. <br />a)a) <br />f0 <br />u <br />U <br />0. <br />a <br />LL <br />