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For Official Use Only <br />C <br />E <br />E d <br />E <br />Oma' <br />ocnw <br />O) <br />C co <br />0•4a <br />0(00O <br />MVC <br />a <br />m <br />c � <br />E <br />} <br />m <br />cr) C <br />>• <br />. O <br />Ta <br />10_ <br />m <br />at 2 <br />0 0)) <br />❑ ❑ <br />O m E g <br />o. a cn a <br />g,5111111 ❑ <br />M <br />Amendment (Explain below) <br />SEE INSTRUCTIONS ON REVERSE <br />1. Type of Recipient Committee: All Committees — Complete Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4, <br />0 ❑ <br />E <br />E <br />o v <br />v E 0 <br />mU 6D <br />= E <br />0 0 Si U <br />m m E U 0 <br />-o W E 0 m <br />-o m U U <br />c <br />U 51h a� o a <br />-0 — a g v 0 <br />2 m 0 o m v <br />L.$ m nE O <br />0U)ft. 2coco0. <br />Eool g000 <br />N ❑ <br />w 0 <br />zy <br />ch <br />o <br />3. Committee Information <br />NAME OF TREASURER <br />COMMITTEE NAME (OR CANDIDATE'S NAME IF NO COMMITTEE) <br />Fred Ramm <br />Brian Bergman for La habra City Council <br />MAIUNG ADDRESS <br />1940 Le Fiore Drive <br />AREA CODE/PHONE <br />562-691-3308 <br />NAME OF ASSISTANT TREASURER, IF ANY <br />AREA CODE/PHONE <br />562-690-5047 <br />0 `- <br />U M <br />a 0 <br />N rn <br />Q <br />w U <br />0 <br />m <br />0 <br />d <br />O <br />z O <br />CO Co <br />w Y <br />cc C <br />a m N <br />Q CO 0 <br />t CD <br />F CO m <br />F_ <br />U J <br />MAIUNG ADDRESS <br />MAILING ADDRESS (IF DIFFERENT) NO. AND STREET OR P.O. BOX <br />AREA CODE/PHONE <br />w <br />0 <br />U <br />a <br />N <br />w <br />Q <br />Co <br />U <br />AREA CODE/PHONE <br />0 <br />0 <br />a <br />w <br />OPTIONAL: FAX / E-MAIL ADDRESS <br />OPTIONAL: FAX / E-MAIL ADDRESS <br />4. Verification <br />0 <br />a. <br />E <br />0 <br />-0 <br />m <br />7 <br />m <br />m <br />L <br />U <br />N <br />0 <br />m <br />0 <br />m <br />m <br />C <br />C <br />co <br />C <br />m <br />m <br />u <br />c <br />0 <br />c <br />0 <br />.tO <br />.2 <br />m <br />w <br />0 <br />w • <br />C V <br />Y <br />>. C <br />E <br />O <br />is 2 <br />ca <br />C 0 <br />m w <br />mL" <br />.3 v <br />E <br />o <br />F m <br />m 0 <br />m <br />mS <br />C m <br />m� <br />ma <br />n <br />my <br />am <br />C r <br />C C <br />C/ 7 <br />Si0 0. <br />C O <br />m CO C <br />W C. <br />D <br />y <br />L � <br />g <br />ti <br />O <br />N <br />CO <br />N <br />a) <br />o o <br />m <br />Wwo W <br />m <br />0 <br />Signature of Controlling Officeholder, Candidate, State Measure Proponent <br />CO m <br />Executed on <br />Executed on <br />0 <br />Zia g <br />o n139 <br />"m Vu <br />C C <br />n <br />-aa <br />E '0 3 <br />o m <br />LL 0 <br />u <br />U. 0. <br />6 <br />ua <br />CL <br />O. <br />LL <br />