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COVER PAGE <br />For Official Use Onl <br />C- <br />N <br />05 <br />a <br />CO <br />tV <br />0 - <br />er <br />0 <br />O <br />a <br />c[ <br />E Co <br />0 <br />cn v <br />> o <br />Ta <br />r <br />Co <br />0. <br />C U) <br />❑ ❑ <br />c <br />0 <br />Co <br />CI- <br />C o C <br />a) V <br />o u) m E <br />E <br />WC a7 C LL <br />cn <br />r o C O co <br />'V C o 0 <br />U) o N C w <br />O a) E E N <br />C. a°i ~ .7119 <br />¢` <br />g. 11 111 111 <br />a) <br />.c <br />O) <br />0 <br />O <br />E w <br />E x <br />U E <br />Ea) <br />o <br />- <br />ya) E <br />� O <br />c <br />w r. <br />K N <br />Z 'a <br />O <br />Z d <br />O cc -58 <br />L 22 <br />U O u(n�c5i <br />N0 0 a <br />W <br />U) <br />a) <br />a) <br />E <br />E <br />E - <br />E o <br />E <br />0 cu _ccU <br />aCoo <br />d o )a <br />c - <br />= <br />vaiaiao <br />0000 <br />CI <br />Treasurer(s) <br />w <br />z <br />0 <br />Co <br />0 <br />U <br />W <br />0 <br />0 <br />U <br />a <br />N <br />z <br />LL <br />w <br />W <br />0) <br />I- <br />H <br />y <br />N <br />LL <br />O <br />w <br />zZ <br />AREA CODE/PHONE <br />O <br />U <br />MAILING ADDRESS <br />OR P.O. BOX <br />W <br />I- <br />h <br />O <br />z <br />0 <br />12.z <br />z <br />w <br />w <br />LL <br />0 <br />LL <br />0) <br />cem <br />w <br />0 <br />0 <br />0CD <br />z <br />2 <br />AREA CODE/PHONE <br />W <br />0 <br />0 <br />U <br />N <br />Lu <br />FU) <br />AREA CODE/PHONE <br />U <br />MAIL ADDRESS <br />OPTIONAL FAX / E-MAIL ADDRESS <br />4. Verification <br />and in the attached schedules is true and <br />nsible Officer <br />Executed on <br />Co <br />Executed on <br />Signature of Controlling Officeholder. Candidate. Slate Measure Proponent <br />Executed on <br />S gnature of Controlling Officeholder, Candidate. State Measure Proponent <br />CO N 0 <br />O n °0 <br />M U <br />N 0. <br />o la <br />w <br />a03 <br />E 00 3 <br />LL 00 <br />U u <br />U. . a. <br />U <br />CI <br />U <br />U <br />.0) <br />•o <br />U <br />a <br />a <br />LL <br />