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Agency Report of: <br />Public Official Appointments <br />A Public Document <br />1. Agency Name <br />City of La Habra Heights <br />8'9 <br />For officia <br />Division, Department, or Region (IfApplicable) <br />Designated Agency Contact (Name,Title) <br />Jarad Hildenbrand, City Clerk <br />Pae 1 of 1 <br />S <br />Date Posted: <br />02/11/2019 <br />Area Code/Phone Number <br />(562) 694-6302 <br />E-mail <br /> <br />(Month, Day, Year) <br />2. Appointments <br />Agency Boards and <br />Commissions <br />Name of Appointed Person <br />t Date and <br />Length of Term <br />Per MeetingtAnnual SalarylStipend <br />Sanitation Districts of Los <br />125.00 <br />Angeles County <br />Brian Bergman <br />► 12 110 118 <br />> PerMeeting: $ <br />►Name <br />(Last, Frstl <br />Appr Gate <br />► Estimated Annual: <br />Carey Klingfus <br />12 months <br />❑ $0-$1,000 <br />❑ $2,001-$3,000 <br />Alternate, If any <br />► <br />(Last. Flrsq <br />Length of Term <br />®$1,001$2,004 <br />❑ <br />Other <br />California Joint Powers <br />100.00 <br />Insurance Authority <br />Brian Bet man <br />g <br />> 12 10 118 <br />►Per Meeting; $ <br />►Name <br />(Last. Firs1J <br />Appt Qale <br />1 Estimated Annua): <br />Alternate, if any <br />► 12 months <br />®$041,000 <br />[:1$2.001-$.3,000 <br />(Last. Frsp <br />Leeglh of r rm <br />❑ $1,001-$2,000 <br />❑ <br />other <br />/Name <br />► I I <br />► Per Meeting: $ <br />(Last, First} <br />qpp( Dafe <br />► Estimated Annual. <br />Alternate, if any <br />► <br />❑$0-$1,000 <br />❑$2,001-$3,000 <br />(Last First} <br />Length of Term <br />[:1$1.001-$2,000 <br />❑ <br />4fher <br />► <br />/ Per Meeting: $ <br />►Name <br />(Lest, FirsQ <br />Appt Dale <br />/ Estimated Annual,- <br />nnual;Alternate, <br />Alternate,if any <br />► <br />[:j$0-$1.000 <br />❑ $2,001-$3,000 <br />(Lasl, FW) <br />Length W Term <br />❑$1,001-$2,000 <br />❑ <br />o(her <br />3. Verification <br />1 have read understand F PC Regulation 18702.5. 1 have verified that the appointment and information identified above is true to the best of my information and belief. <br />Jarad Hildenbrand City Clerk 02/11/2019 <br />Si rratur fAgency Head or Designee Print Name trite (Month, Day, Year) <br />Comment: <br />FPPC Form 806 (1118) <br />FPPC Toll -Free Helpline: 866/ASK-FPPC (6661275-3772) <br />