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m <br />to <br />09/23/2017 <br />a, <br />m <br />c ▪ • , <br />E p <br />0 ▪ , <br />E 0 <br />•S3 <br />c <br />E <br />a <br />SEE INSTRUCTIONS ON RE <br />— c <br />tv <br />co c E <br />C) 'L <br />co • O L <br />N. w d <br />a' Z,co <br />O M ca <br />E a, <br />t <br />4+ <br />• O <br />L O �, <br />mv <br />CD cy <br />} <br />�'C)W <br />CV <br />C <br />d c c <br />as c <br />UCLC7 <br />7/1 to Date <br />1/1 through 6/30 <br />O O <br />Summary for State <br />N W0 <br />N • N <br />11 <br />E <br />C J <br />cno <br />eW <br />C. m <br />X t <br />W <br />al j <br />=a <br />N <br />V <br />N <br />Total to Date <br />ta <br />• 0 <br />N u <br />0 <br />N <br />w <br />E aatO�o <br />o E <br />d L Oa <br />u <br />W a <br />cu <br />w <br />.0 <br />N a) <br />E > <br />C o <br />o m <br />m <br />u <br />CD <br />cv 0. <br />C 0. <br />p <br />E fCo <br />Contributions Received <br />U, <br />Schedule A, Line 3 <br />Monetary Contributions <br />Schedule B, Line 3 <br />Loans Received <br />U, <br />Add Lines 1 + 2 <br />SUBTOTAL CASH CONTRIBUTIONS <br />Schedule C, Line 3 <br />Nonmonetary Contributions <br />O <br />O <br />0 <br />rn <br />N <br />Add Lines 3 + 4 <br />TOTAL CONTRIBUTIONS RECEIVED <br />0 <br />U) <br />2 <br />co <br />L <br />4I <br />C <br />U) <br />0. <br />W <br />O <br />O <br />0 <br />U, <br />O <br />O <br />U, <br />Schedule E, Line 4 <br />6. Payments Made <br />Schedule H, Line 3 <br />Loans Made <br />v> <br />fie <br />Add Lines 6 + 7 <br />SUBTOTAL CASH PAYMENTS <br />Schedule F, Line 3 <br />Accrued Expenses (Unpaid Bills) <br />c <br />Schedule C, Line 3 <br />10. Nonmonetary Adjustment <br />U, <br />U, <br />Add Lines 8 + 9 + 10 <br />11. TOTAL EXPENDITURES MADE <br />w y <br />m E E c `m S <br />cc cd E.5 Eu0<ry or m COo) <br />O i3 E C N a) p •O 'O <br />3 9.0 >j2�F2,i,_m <br />N c E 2 U= C 0> <br />N <br />co 7 p w N .0 > w 0. ) Y p N <br />50y)mN•�avi«`rc <br />jp cu ..c 7 0 7 a) - 0 y .O V J . <br />o -o o o >°.0 C o Q u)c TE> <br />H mQ m o ma w a. -cc o cc - <br />a) m <br />Current Cash Statement <br />O <br />U, <br />Previous Summary Page, Line 16 <br />U <br />C <br />a3 <br />CO <br />m <br />f6 <br />U <br />C) <br />C <br />.0 <br />C <br />.C) <br />a) <br />m <br />(V <br />O <br />O <br />O <br />0) <br />N <br />Column A, Line 3 above <br />3. Cash Receipts <br />Schedule I, Line 4 <br />4. Miscellaneous Increases to Cash <br />O <br />O <br />O <br />to <br />Column A, Line 8 above <br />5. Cash Payments <br />O <br />O <br />O <br />N <br />fA <br />Add Lines 12 + 13 + 14, then subtract Line 15 <br />6. ENDING CASH BALANCE <br />Line 16 must be zero. <br />a) <br />If this is a termination state <br />Schedule B, Part 2 <br />17. LOAN GUARANTEES RECEIVED <br />.0, <br />W <br />c <br />C <br />C <br />co <br />0 <br />C <br />as <br />C <br />d <br />Ua <br />0- <br />.c t <br />H <br />Ua <br />C) <br />See instructions on reverse <br />Cash Equivalents <br />Add Line 2 + Line 9 in Column B above <br />Outstanding Debts <br />oci oi <br />